Our Story



DCJet Services was founded in the year of 2016 by Joe Ortiz. Joe is a retired military veteran. Shortly after his time in the military, he found his passion in aviation. He decided to create his own privately owned aircraft maintenance company. This company works on small airplanes and private jets. Our headquarters is originally located in Dulles, VA. Throughout Joe’s journey, he has been honored with an award titled the 40 under 40. Joe and his team strive to successfully provide the best needs for our clients.


Our technicians are certified aircraft mechanics who can find solutions to your aircraft needs. We are known to give quick and safe return services to our clients. We have a supportive team, who you can guarantee to trust with your aircraft. We have built a stable and reliable team that you can trust. We are currently expanding as a company to multiple locations worldwide.  We have a total of four locations, today. These locations are Dulles, VA, Chicago, IL, Orlando, FL, and San Juan, PR. As a company, we strive to always put our best foot forward and our client’s safety first.



Joe Ortiz


“Our success falls 100% on the technicians, leads, and managers that are on the floor every day set the standard on how to fix aircraft and return them to service in an extremely quick but safe matter. My job is to add the right people to the team, devise a solid plan/structure for the company, and provide you with all the tools and equipment to make it happen.”